1. The Meeting

This is where the magic really happens. We discuss your business and determine what you hope to achieve through social media marketing.

2. The Set-Up

This is where our team gets together and researches your industry to define:
Who your target audience is? How they use social media? What messages are most appealing to them?

We then develop Photo and video content ideas, create a content schedule and produce paid advertising campaigns. Once complete we send over the details for your approval.

3. Execution Pt.1

After Approval we begin posting the content across your social media channels while executing the ad campaigns via facebook, Instagram, and google paid ads.  

5. AnaLysis & Execution Pt.2

After a 2 weeks we will have collected detailed analytics of each of your social media channels and Ads. After studying that information we can continue to develop content based on what posts are getting the most engagement and put a bigger budget in the ads yielding the highest results.